Edema Disappears in One Reflexology Treatment

Reflexology rids patient of edema in ONE Session!!  Watch this video clip.  It is an irrefutable proof of medical evidence for Reflexology.  Through this clip, you will be able to watch how edema in a 34 weeks pregnant lady disappears in one single session of Reflexology.

This case was filmed at the Maternity and Gynaecology ward of the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow, Scotland, on July 29th, 2009. Continue reading “Edema Disappears in One Reflexology Treatment”

What does Reflexology & Sherlock Holmes Have in Common?

Who isn’t familiar with the name Sherlock Holmes?

Thanks to numerous stories, as well as movie and TV adaptions. Sherlock Holmes has the distinction of still being the most famous fictional detective in history.

On Tuesday May 22, we celebrate the detective, which is appropriate because that date also marks the birthday of the man who created him, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle.

I love detective stories.  I love following the clues and trying to work out “who  dunnit?”  Sherlock Holmes was a Master at observation.  Nothing, no matter how small the clue, escaped his scrutiny.  A Master Reflexologist requires the same exact skill. That’s why I love “Reading the Feet” – it provides a simple system or road map to read the foot clues! (see below for special offer PS!)  The reflex sensitivities in the feet, of a client’s body is actually laying a trail of breadcrumb clues as to what is actively happening in the body.  By following these clues absolutely, the body can show first cause of dis-ease and therefore illustrate a path to healing and better health.

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Reflexology Massage: Zone Therapy

b-w foot
Foot Reflexology

The human body is a complex and wonderful piece of machinery. With our brains we are able to feel emotions that can manifest themselves in physical ways throughout the body. By the same token, massage therapists have discovered a way to map out the body’s organs and access them through our hands and feet. It’s called reflexology, or what was known early on as “zone therapy.”

Reflexology massage operates on the principle that the entire body is connected. Applying pressure to one part of the body can cause a reaction in another area. Have you ever seen the cartoon where the doctor uses a little triangular rubber mallet to tap the knee of his patient and the patient’s arm shoots out and hits him? What’s supposed to happen (and does with real people) is that your leg shoots out when the area just below the kneecap is hit. Continue reading “Reflexology Massage: Zone Therapy”

Are you Making Money as a Healer?

Are you involved in the healing arts? Why did you get involved? Was it to help resolve a personal health challenge? Perhaps you like working with people, or simply want to make a difference in the world by helping wherever you can. Rarely does anyone get into this business to make the big bucks! However, this is a business, and we all have financial responsibilities so how do we deal with the business side of our work.

Let me share some simple tips that if followed can boost your level of professionalism, productivity and can avoid awkward moments when dealing with money issues and clients.

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