2019 Reflexology Dated Daily Appointment Planner – Available on Amazon

Reflexology Dated Daily Appointment

Book – Now Available on Amazon

Take Charge of Your Schedule with a

Reflexology Appointment Planner

That will Revolutionize your Reflexology Practice

Client Booking and Follow-up Tracking.

You have a busy life! Perhaps you are a wife, mother with a hectic schedule,who fights to keep on top of all the business tasks necessary to run your own Reflexology practice, and maintain a thriving client roster. Well the struggle is over – I am here to help!

My name is Lauren Slade, and I have been a Reflexologist for 40 plus years, and the annual purchase of a store bought appointment planner to organize client appointments and to do lists, always seemed to fall short of meeting all my business needs. Before long there were post it notes and memos tucked in between pages to remind me of all the “little extras” that I as a self employed small business owner, needed to keep track of.

Designed by a Reflexologist for Reflexologists

To solve the daily battle with paperwork, I gave up on “standard” run of the mill day timers, and I decided to create my own version, specifically designed to be used by Reflexologists and wholistic health therapists.

My dated daily planner has appointments spaced 30 minutes apart. I also included specific areas on each calendar page to make notes and schedule / record client follow up calls, and to book new clients. Helpful reminders of daily To Do’s will keep you organized and on track.

Take a look to see exactly what is included – this is just a small sample of the 420 pages

Appointment 2019 Dated Daily Planner

Includes BONUS section with a wide assortment of reference charts –

Foot Reflexology Map, Hand Reflexology Map, Baby Reflexology Map,

Infant Reflexology Map, Tongue Reflexology Map, Spine Reflexology Map.

Suitable for Reflexologists, Massage Therapists, Aromatherapists, Herbalists,

Crystal Therapist, Reiki Practitioners – all Holistic Therapists

365 Days Jan – Dec 2019 – plus bonus days for December 2018 and January 2020.



How to Create a Successful Reflexology Business [Podcast #001]

We don’t always see the big picture of success no matter what our career. Reflexology professionals often see themselves as healers, but don’t understand or know how to go about running their profession as a business.

To create a mindset for success, you must first look at the art of Reflexology as a profession worthy of recognition – especially financial recognition.

Reflexology is a profession that is fast becoming highly recognized for the science of healing that it brings to individuals. Now is the time to seize the opportunity of success that recognition brings.

Episode 001:  How to Create a Successful Reflexology Business

1) Attitude Makes a Difference

2) Develop a Mindset for Financial Success

3) Keep Them Coming Back


Are you Making Money as a Healer?

Are you involved in the healing arts? Why did you get involved? Was it to help resolve a personal health challenge? Perhaps you like working with people, or simply want to make a difference in the world by helping wherever you can. Rarely does anyone get into this business to make the big bucks! However, this is a business, and we all have financial responsibilities so how do we deal with the business side of our work.

Let me share some simple tips that if followed can boost your level of professionalism, productivity and can avoid awkward moments when dealing with money issues and clients.

Continue reading “Are you Making Money as a Healer?”

Just How Much does a Partridge in a Pear Tree Cost, Anyway?

12 Days of Xmas
12 Days of Xmas

A cool $21,465.56 gets you a partridge, a pear tree, and a whole lot more partridge in a pear tree — $22k this year

Come on now — haven’t you always wondered why anyone would want to give his or her True Love a whole bunch of birds (partridges, turtle doves, calling birds, swans, geese, French hens) — not to mention all those leaping lords, dancing ladies, milkmaids, drummers, and so on?

First published in 1780 and perhaps dating back as far as the 15th century, “The Twelve Days of Christmas” is a song familiar to virtually everyone, whether they celebrate Christmas or not. And although its original religious symbolism is unknown to most of us these days, the catchy tune and curious lyrics certainly linger! Continue reading “Just How Much does a Partridge in a Pear Tree Cost, Anyway?”

10 Ways to Trick Yourself Rich

  1. Work on your self-image. You don’t need years of expensive therapy to do this. You just need to picture yourself as a success in everything you do and it will have an impact on your behaviour. And once your behaviour changes – so does your life.
  2. Your response to setbacks is key: if you turn into a gibbering Mavis Reilly at the first hint of bad news, you’ll be forever trapped by your own limitations. If you learn from your mistakes with a smile on your face – you’ll be fine.
  3. Fearing failure is not a bad thing. It’s human and it’s healthy. You don’t need to banish this fear – you need to acknowledge it, respect it and work hard to overcome it. Understand the nature of fear and your attitude to risk will change. Once thathappens, a whole new world of opportunities opens up.
  4. No pain, no gain. Stick to your guns no matter what happens. To achieve your goals you’ll have to take risks you never thought you could. And make painful decisions that will test you to the limit. But if you stick to it your learning curve willshoot up quicker than Apollo 11 – and your successes will increase exponentially.
  5. Train yourself to do things you would normally consider uncomfortable: like speaking out in meetings… presenting in front of large groups of people… and networking at work conferences and seminars. The idea here is that by making these”awkward” things seem like everyday occurrences, you lose the fear that would ordinarily stop you from pushing yourself to achieve.
  6. Live close to where you work – nothing drains you more than that life-sapping commute to the office. Some of us spend up to two hours a day pounding the dashboard in our cars… or cramming ourselves onto packed train carriages. Whereas if you could walk or cycle to the office in ten minutes you’d have so much more time to spend with the family, or chilling out at home – which makes you feel like you’re more in control of your day.
  7. Do what you love and love what you do. Your work needs to excite, motivate and inspire you – or there’s no point in doing it. Loving your work is one of the biggest contributory factors to living the rich life. And it’s easier to change jobs thanyou think. If you REALLY want it, make it happen.
  8. Love where you live – or move! Your home is your castle, your sanctuary; your domain. It needs to be a place where you relax, luxuriate, raise your family, grow as a person… it’s central to your quality of life. I’m not saying you have to OWN it -just that it needs to FEEL like home, whether you buy or rent. You’ll know right now if it does or not. And if it doesn’t – move. No ifs, no buts.
  9. Simple pleasures are within everyone’s reach. A good film, book, CD or painting can be enjoyed by everyone from a billionaire to a burger-flipper. Take the time to appreciate the art you like, knowing that your experience of it is not diminished by what’s written on your wage packet!
  10. You need at least 30 minutes of YOU time every day – this is key. You need to feel like you’re living for YOU sometimes. Not for your boss, your spouse or your kids. It’s not about being selfish. It’s about improving your sense of self-worth. So for 30 minutes EVERY day, luxuriate in your favourite chair… smoke a cigar… have a glass of your favourite single malt, or French red… put on your favourite record… read a good book or magazine… think about all that’s good in your world and be thankful for your blessings.

I hope the above will get you thinking about how easy it is for you – for ANYONE – to start living the rich life.
Remember: billionaires are EXACTLY the same as you and me. They eat, sleep, breathe, work, procreate, go to the lavatory… all of the things that you do. Just because they have more money than you and me, it doesn’t mean our experience of life has to be any poorer than theirs.