President , Founder and Principal of the Universal College of Reflexology


My name is Lauren Slade and I became fascinated with Reflexology when it helped me cope with  many health challenges back in the 1970’s. That experience changed my life, and I decided then and there to give up working in the financial sector of London’s banking industry, and become a practitioner, educator and advocate for Reflexology. I took as many courses as I could from many world renown international teachers, and became an expert lecturing and teaching on an international stage, as well as building a thriving private practice in London England.

I moved my practice to Canada in 1991, and at first I enjoyed being the only practitioner in my city, however it wasn’t too long before the waiting list for appointments was growing, and it became obvious there was too much work for one person.

I came to the realization that the practice of reflexology could be an exciting, helpful, and lucrative career for many people wishing to have their own business.

People were thirsty for knowledge about the incredible healing abilities of Reflexology, so I decided it was time to start teaching to anyone who asked.

I began teaching classes from the living room in my house, and all my classes filled up fast. In fact, they became so popular that the local authorities told me I had to stop teaching, as so many people were visiting the house, the neighbours had complained. I rented commercial space, and the Universal College of Reflexology was born.

Twenty-seven years later in 2018, the College has grown and gone from strength to strength, beyond my wildest dreams, and now boasts one of the highest standards of Reflexology education in the world.


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