Edema Disappears in One Reflexology Treatment

Reflexology rids patient of edema in ONE Session!!  Watch this video clip.  It is an irrefutable proof of medical evidence for Reflexology.  Through this clip, you will be able to watch how edema in a 34 weeks pregnant lady disappears in one single session of Reflexology.

This case was filmed at the Maternity and Gynaecology ward of the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow, Scotland, on July 29th, 2009. Continue reading “Edema Disappears in One Reflexology Treatment”

Brazilian Toe Massage – have you tried it yet?

Brazilian Toe Massage has been around for over 50 years.  Reportedly, there is one hospital in Brazil that offers nothing but this service as a way to facilitate healing of all illnesses.  It is one of the most effective techniques I’ve found for relaxation and release of stress.

The Brazilian Toe Technique offers therapeutic properties of zone, acupressure and meridian energy alignment.

For more information on Brazilian Toe Massage – visit www.BrazilianToeMassage.com – bonus gifts are waiting!

Are you Empowering or Limiting Yourself

No belief is right or wrong.  It is either empowering or limiting

Ever heard the story of the four-minute mile? For years people believed that it is impossible for a human being to run a mile in less than four minutes until Roger Banister proved it wrong in 1954. Within one year, 37 runners broke the belief barrier, and the year after that, 300 other runners did the same thing.

What happens if you put an animal in a pond? Any animal, big or small, will swim its way through. What happens when someone, who does not know how to swim, falls in deep waters?  You drown.  If an animal who has not learned swimming could escape by swimming, why not you? Because you believe you will drown while the animal does not.

You have used a computer keyboard or a typewriter.  Ever wondered why the alphabets are organized in a particular order in your keyboard? You might have thought it is to increase the typing speed. Most people never question it. But the fact is that this system was developed to reduce the typing speed at a time when typewriter parts would jam if the operator typed too fast.

These three cases show the power of our beliefs. There is no other more powerful directing force in human behavior than belief. Your beliefs have the power to create and to destroy. A belief delivers a direct command to your nervous system.

Have you heard about the placebo effect?  People who are told a drug or medical procedure will have a certain effect, will many times experience that effect, even when given a pill without those properties or a sham medical procedure.

Watch this video and leave a comment below…

Energy Healing Works, says Scientist

I have long been an admirer of Dr Gary Schwartz, just to write his credentials would take up a whole page! Suffice to say he is the “real deal.” I bought his book “The Energy Healing Experiments” which validates energy healing, and devoured every word. His scientific explorations and information on Reiki energy is powerful and compelling.  Anyone who says negative things about Reiki, and how is is “not proven” has obviously not read this book, and seen the evidence and scientific data that Dr Schwartz has worked so hard to publish. He validates Reiki, from a specific scientific standpoint, as a very valid and effective healing modality.

Here is a small clip of him speaking, and below that is a link to his book “The Energy Healing Experiments”. .  I highly recommend that you watch the video clip, it is quite short under 10 minutes, and then buy the book to read the evidence for your self.


And here is the book that got me so excited when I found it, I could not put down till I read every page. For any person interested in any type of energy healing (and he covers most of them in the book) this is a MUST BUY!

Speaking personally, the most profound and easy to use form of energy healing is Reiki. I have used Reiki now for 18 years, and have seen the most amazing healings of body, mind and spirit happen. You owe it to yourself and your family to read this book to see the science behing energy healing. You also owe it to yourself and your family to take a course and learn Reiki. Your life will never be the same again.

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