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Looking for a new career? Reflexology is rapidly becoming very popular with more and more clients asking for this service, and good, highly trained Reflexologists are in demand!

The Universal College of Reflexology is a vibrant, exciting place, specifically designed to fulfill all the needs of someone wanting to join the Wellness Revolution which according to author Paul Zane Pilzer is the next “Trillion Dollar Industry”.

Since 1991, the Universal College of Reflexology has been teaching reflexology. We have students on six continents around the world.

We offer first class training covering every aspect of reflexology, from the basic foot reflexology relaxation session to therapeutic reflexology sessions. What is the difference? Statistics often say that 70% of all dis-ease is caused by stress, so therefore when a person is invited to release or reduce stress that has an effect on the level of disease in their body

We also offer a Master of Reflexology Degree Diploma – which comprises of six continuing education courses:

(1)  European Reflexology  – Pre-requisite for courses 2-6

(2)  Ending Back Pain with Reflexology

(3)  Reflexology & Digestive Wellness

(4)  Can Reflexology Reverse Diabetes?

(5)  Natural Thyroid Balancing with Reflexology

(6)  Allergy Relief & Prevention with Reflexology

Take a moment to check out the great resources available on this site Reflexology Continuing Education

Thank-you for your time in reading this information we look forward to welcoming you to our Reflexology Community of students, alumni and faculty here at the Universal College of Reflexology.