Edema Disappears in One Reflexology Treatment

Reflexology rids patient of edema in ONE Session!!  Watch this video clip.  It is an irrefutable proof of medical evidence for Reflexology.  Through this clip, you will be able to watch how edema in a 34 weeks pregnant lady disappears in one single session of Reflexology.

This case was filmed at the Maternity and Gynaecology ward of the Southern General Hospital in Glasgow, Scotland, on July 29th, 2009. Continue reading “Edema Disappears in One Reflexology Treatment”

9 Marketing Ideas for Reflexologists

When you’re in a client-based profession like reflexology, the quantity of your daily appointments depends on your ability to get your name out in the local community. Not only do you need to be known as a great therapist, but you’ve got to be considered one of the best Reflexologists around for people to want to give you their business. How can you make sure that you’re putting your name out to your community in a positive way?

If you’re a Reflexologist, you don’t need to spend a fortune on a professional marketing campaign to start getting potential clients to recognize your business. All you need to do is incorporate some or all of these ideas into your daily routine and you’ll quickly garner a high quality reputation that will benefit your business greatly.

Creative Marketing Ideas for Reflexologists

1.)   Just because someone wants a reflexology session doesn’t mean they’ll seek you out. Your reflexology specialties will set you apart from other therapists.   Be active, honest, and let people know the value your services can provide and convince them to walk through your doors.

2)   Provide potential clients with a lot of value by starting a blog about your reflexology business and what your personal philosophies happen to be. Reflexology can be a profound healing experience for some people, so knowing where you stand will help people ultimately feel more comfortable with you.

3)   Where do your potential prospects live, work, and have fun? These are the places you need to be if you’re looking to fill up a day with appointments. The more you interact with people and get your unique brand out there and known, then the more likely you are to pull in a customer when they need reflexology.

4)   Organize promotional events at your clinic so that new people are encouraged to come in and explore your facilities. Reflexology is an intimate experience and a lot of people will be more comfortable scheduling an appointment if they have an idea of what to expect when they do get onto your calendar.

5)   How involved are you with social media? Create a Facebook page that is all about your business. Offer exclusive discounts on your social media pages, through Twitter tweets, and even consider providing information about your reflexology sessions on sites like Pinterest.

6)   Don’t be afraid to offer first-time specials so that people can feel encouraged to form a relationship with you. You don’t have to use sites like Groupon either – just post a special on your clinic door for first-time customers and you’ll get a chance to add a little extra value to someone’s life that will have them keep coming back.

7)   Bring a friend promotions help existing clients provide their friends with added value in a reflexology session and you get value by establishing a new relationship. As a bonus, you get to reward a good client for referring new business your way. That creates levels of loyalty that will have your clients ringing your phone off the hook.

8)  Create a 30 second sales pitch that you can give someone at any time because a face-to-face meeting with a prospective client can happen anywhere. When you’re ready to talk about your strengths in a clear and concise way, your confidence will give the other person in the conversation confidence too!

9)   Create a press release to hand out to your local print media for any event or sale that you may have. You might not get anything printed, but you definitely won’t get free press if you don’t bother to try.


13 Ways To Feel More Motivated This Month

Staying motivated is hard, especially when you’re always surrounded by potential distractions (e.g. your phone, social media, etc.).

So to help you stay on track so you can accomplish your goals, check out this infographic, detailing thirteen ways to feel more motivated this month.

(Hint: If you want to get to the heart of your motivation issues, jump to the very last suggestion…it’s a game-changer.)

All of the suggestions are easy to implement and you can start doing them today.

Check out the infographic below. Continue reading “13 Ways To Feel More Motivated This Month”